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The Designers

Works of Art For Your Little Work of Art

Probably the most notable difference between Chérubin handmade booties and others out there is our printed leather designs. Thanks to our unique in-house printing capabilities, every bootie is an empty canvas just waiting to be filled. So why not reach out to local artists for inspiration?

Our inaugural collections come from the insanely talented Trenna Travis. Her designs make me flat out giddy. I hope you feel the same.

Christine Hoog

Creative Director

Designer photo

Trenna Travis

Award-winning designer and mother of three, Trenna Travis has an eye for trends and a passion for all things creative. While her mad talent as a textile designer is evident in her collections for Chérubin, it’s just one of the many hats she wears. (Seriously, this woman can rock a hat.) Over the years her designs have been featured in many publications, including Better Homes and Gardens, and she’s frequently asked to appear on local television as a design expert offering advice.

Trenna Travis

Designer photo

Cheree Berry Paper

Cheree Berry Paper (CBP) is a graphic design firm with stationer roots. Founded in 2007, CBP has evolved to become an award-winning graphic design firm sought after for its playful, yet polished sensibility.

Why mocs? We made a connection with Cherubin as CBP is primarily made up of women, and most of them are moms. Not to mention, Cherubin was practically in Cheree’s backyard when she was growing up so the hometown connection was an added bonus.

Cheree Berry is the CEO and creative director for Cheree Berry Paper, she lives in Clayton, Missouri, and is a mother of three – Biz, Harry and Xander.

Cheree Berry