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My Coloring Book

Collection Inspiration:
I took inspiration for this collection from my own experiences as a child: I had a love of art from birth. Coloring, painting, chalk drawings—the medium didn’t matter to me because I loved it all! I finger painted as a toddler, drew in the margins on tests as a teenager, and passed the time during long flights by sketching as a young adult. I even doodle during meetings to this day (don’t tell!). After all, what artist doesn’t? Some people listen to music or even require total silence to think—I doodle.

When I designed this collection in particular, my thoughts kept returning to the purely childlike joy that came from a new box of crayons: Each one sharp and ready to use, waiting to be part of a drawing that simply hadn’t been made yet. I’ve also spent the past 14 years watching my children color—and in fact, it was my 8-year-old’s scribble that I captured to create the texture for these beautiful leather moccasins. Her first work of art uses beautiful, simple primary colors that the first little cherubs are introduced to—and the result is a soft shoe that’s guaranteed to make your bebe’s basic looks pop.

Christine Hoog

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