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Fresh designs and trendy color combinations can be spotted in every pair of Chérubin genuine leather moccasins, the ultra-chic company you’ve perused on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Our leather crafter’s perfectionist eye and attention to detail is just one of the elements that sets us apart from other moccasin makers. Chérubin’s superior quality is evident on every pair of shoes, right down to the last detail. Whether it’s the soft fringe on our American flag moccasins, the smooth leather of our sweet pink baby crib shoes or the classic seams that knock our baseball moccasins out of the park for your little slugger.

Crafted by local skilled artisans, each pair of Chérubin moccasins is handmade with love from exclusive designs created by our mélange of brilliant designers, including the award-winning Trenna Travis. Our 100% genuine American leather is tested and certified safe for infants and toddlers, and each pair is fashioned by hand from the sole up in historic Sainte Geneviève, Missouri.

Whether it’s the cheetah print booties for your runway model in training or the bold Navajo moccasin designs for your little adventurer, each pair of heirloom-quality Chérubin handmade leather moccasins are truly works of art for your tiny masterpiece.


Are leather baby shoes good for learning to walk?

In a word — absolutely! It takes years for your baby’s feet to fully mature and tactile sensation is key to balance and learning to walk. Genuine leather soft soled baby shoes are the best choice, and have been for centuries.

What kind of leather is used in baby moccasins from Chérubin?

We believe that your little cherubs deserve only the best, so all our handmade leather moccasins use only genuine, American-made leather. Our Wild About Hue collection features leather from the renown Horween Leathers Company, an American company making the finest leathers for over 100 years. All of our handmade moccasins are tested and certified safe for infants and toddlers.

At what age do babies normally start wearing shoes?

From playground moms to shoe store ads, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of facts and trends. The simple truth is that shoes can be worn at nearly any age, and we offer sizes from newborn to tots. Of course, Chérubin is here to make sure those tiny toes are not only protected, but perfectly on trend.

How do you pick the right size moccasins for your baby?

Since sizing seems to vary from shoe to shoe, we created our own sizing guide with exact measurements for your cheeky cherub. Remember that it’s important to let the little piggies wiggle — so measuring might take a few attempts. Our 100% genuine leather shoes have some stretch but we recommend you size up, if it’s too close for comfort. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing how many pairs to get.

How should you clean leather baby moccs?

If there’s a mud puddle, your toddler will find it — and splash in it. Because we use only the highest quality genuine leather, a quick bit of mild soap and water followed by a dry towel is all it takes to keep each pair looking good as new.