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She has your eyes. She has your smile. And from her first pair of colorful handmade leather moccasins, you knew she had your fashion sense. Welcome to Chérubin handmade leather moccasins. Meticulous attention to detail and striking unique designs are what distinguish us from any other moccasin company. Excellence is our signature on each pair of individually hand-crafted girls moccasins, made from 100% genuine leather by local artisans in Sainte Geneviève, Missouri, a tiny French settlement town west of the Mississippi. Every pair of heirloom-quality moccasins are truly made in America. Whether it’s our inspirational camo baby moccasins for daddy’s little soldier, the shimmer of metallic gold on Sprinkles on Top, or the refreshing tropical feel from our Here Comes The Sun collection, Chérubin has baby moccasins to fit every girl’s unique personality. Our delightfully sweet girls moccasins are made from 100% genuine leather, tested and certified safe for infants and toddlers. From girlie girls to tomboys, the team of designers at Chérubin have created a style that will make your little lady’s personality stand out like the sassy little trendsetter she is.


Will leather baby shoes require extra care?

Not as much as you might think. Because our exclusive designs and unique printing process is done on 100% genuine leather, the care for Chérubin leather moccasins is relatively straightforward. Simply wipe with mild soap and water followed by a dry towel and you’re done.

Do Chérubin baby moccs stay secured to the feet all day?

We all know the frustration of putting socks on our little angel, only to find them off and on the floor. Each pair of Chérubin genuine leather baby and toddler moccasins is crafted with a gentle elastic cuff inside; this gives the cuff enough extra flexibility to easily slip those fidgeting feet into and not come off until you take them off. If only everything were so easy!

Can I wash these leather baby shoes?

Chérubin uses only genuine leather, so splashing through mud puddles and rain ─ or even an impromptu dip into the tub ─ won’t hurt your handmade leather moccasins so long as you dry them off right away. See our baby moccasin cleaning instructions in our main FAQs for more info.

How much do Chérubin leather moccasins stretch and soften?

Leather makers can tell you that genuine leather is one of the most durable, yet supple, materials available. Chérubin only uses leather that has been certified safe for infants and children. Through normal wear and play, the leather will become a bit softer but doesn’t stretch. You can rest assured that with proper care, your Chérubin handmade leather moccasins will be part of your family for years.
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