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From the day you brought your little man home, you knew he would be a wild thing. Now he just needs the right gear to really rule the playroom. Welcome to Chérubin handmade leather moccasins. What makes us different from other moccasin companies is the level of attention and quality we put into each pair of baby moccasins. Each pair of individually hand-crafted boys moccasins are exquisitely designed from 100% genuine leather. Hand crafted by local artisans in Sainte Geneviève, Missouri, Our artisan craftspeople put decades of experience in every shoe they make, ensuring these made in America leather baby moccasins are the highest quality possible. You can start by getting revved up with racing flames on our Pit Stop moccasin, channel his inner painter with Splish Splash, or hit it out of the park with The Natural for your little slugger. For more sophistication, choose from the timeless classics in our Fancied Up collection. From the classic pallet to eye-catching bold patterns and everywhere in between, whatever styles you choose your little man can always put his best foot forward.


How should baby shoes fit?

Unlike your own shoes, baby booties should never be fitted, or “just right”. The little piggies need wiggle room to allow them to grow and balance for walking. We’ve created a simple sizing guide to aid you in choosing the perfect size. Remember, each one of our irresistible styles are available in all sizes!

How do Chérubin baby moccasins stay on?

Our genuine leather moccasins are hand made with uncompromising attention to detail and quality. Each pair features a gentle elastic cuff inside the leather fringe; this gives the cuff enough extra flexibility to easily slip those fidgeting feet into and not fall off when walking ─ all without rubbing or pinching the tender ankles.

How often do you need to buy new baby moccs?

Unlike standard hard-soled shoes, Chérubin’s 100% genuine leather is American made, and in the hands of our local artisans is crafted into a remarkably soft moccasin that could be worn for years. Your child’s feet will grow as often as they do, which is usually a bit faster than any parent wants. We recommend reevaluating your child’s size every 4─6 weeks, and replacing them every 6 months.

Where are Chérubin shoes made?

Each and every pair of our moccasins are proudly made in the USA. From the remarkable talent of our designers, to the 100% genuine leather and the meticulous craftsmanship of our artisans, each pair is individually made here in Sainte Geneviève, Missouri.

Why buy artisan handmade leather baby shoes?

Quite simply because they’re the best! But seriously ─ Chérubin believes in pairing the extraordinary talent of our crafters with the highest quality American-made leather. The result is an heirloom-quality leather moccasin that will stand the test of time, unlike the mass-produced shoes available at the local big box stores.
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