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All Fancied Up

Collection Inspiration:
So much of this collection brings me back to childhood and unforgettable family holidays at grandma’s house. Tasty peppermint sticks, traditional black and white patterns, classic checkered plaid and warm winter blue knitted sweaters. The mood boards I created as inspiration for these moccs featured all of these classic holiday elements—and more! I love the sweet look of candy stripes which was inspired by our local vintage candy store right here in Sainte Geneviève where you can still buy five cent peppermint sticks. I tried to evoke the warmth of the holidays—the feeling of being wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket or vintage blue. And while there is no denying the seasonal feel with this collection, we see it available throughout the year. Hopefully these moccasins are the highlight of your family photoshoot as your little Cherub steals the show—no matter the season.

Christine Hoog

All Fancied Up Thumbnail