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Why Are Soft-Soled Baby Shoes Beneficial For Walking?

Wearing soft, genuine leather baby moccasins, the little cherub took her first little steps like the world was her runway.

Fuzzy socks and super soft sleepers have kept their feet warm, but what about walking? With each trip through your favorite upscale boutique, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ambiguous facts and shifting trends that seem to change as quickly as the seasons. Soft shoes, hard shoes, supportive shoes or no shoes … What’s a mom to choose?

Welcome to Chérubin, nestled in the heart of small town USA, where we blend fresh prints and bold designs with the highest quality genuine leather and a generous splash of local artisans are the embodiment of our hand-made, soft, genuine leather moccasins. You’ve come to the right place for selecting the perfect fashion statement ─ and shoes ─ for your little work of art.

Nothing brings a smile to your face like your little cherub playing with their toes and giggling. But did you know that the wiggling and curling ─ and yes, even ‘eating’ ─ their feet is an important developmental process? That precious discovery play is actually helping strengthen the muscles and ligaments, as well as entertaining the rest of the family. This is a driving force behind making sure all of our genuine leather moccasins use only 100% American leather that is tested and certified safe for infants and toddlers. With Chérubin’s high standards and crafter’s perfectionist attention to detail, you can be confident your little trendsetter will be the envy of every play date!

From the first time your little one pulls themselves up, they use their toes to grip and balance. We still do that into adulthood. Think of the last time you lost your footing; you immediately pushed with your toes to re-center your gravity and regain balance. This natural process is extremely important to properly develop good balance and sure footing. Average shoes that are stiff or have rigid soles not only interfere with bone development and stability, but will have more falls due to the unfamiliar and inconsistent weight. Our soft moccasins allow for natural foot and toe movement, which aids in walking and balance to keep your teetering tot from toppling over.

The main function for shoes while learning to walk is protecting those adorable little piggies while affording them the most sensory input. Our 100% genuine leather is the best choice for them to feel their surroundings while protecting those tiny toes from warm pavement, hardwood floor splinters, and avoiding slipping on smoother surfaces. It is essential that baby shoes are extremely flexible; if they don’t easily fold in half then you should put them down and back away. Each and every pair of our individually made, genuine leather baby & toddler moccasins is handmade of soft, American-made leather.

From our sassy Boho Bebé collection to our fabulously fun Hakuna Matata collection, no matter your personal style, you can be sure your little tyke will have a head start right out of the crib, able to feel the surface and runway ready to strut their stuff.

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Style with All Fancied Up

From proper plaid to minty stripes, each design in this collection will keep your tot cheery and bright no matter the season.Perfect for family fetes or fun-filled adventures with friends, incorporate a dash of our inspiration below to steal the show!

Black and Forth

Looking to dress your little man in a dapper delight? Try pairing our Black and Forth moccasin with lush cranberry-colored corduroys and a subtle gray plaid oxford. Add on coordinating accessories like a cranberry bow tie and a heather gray riding cap, and this tot is unstoppable!

Tartan Me…Have We Met?

Our Tartan moccs can spice up any classic outfit, like a simple washed-denim jean or cozy ivory pullover. Added layers like an oatmeal cable-knit scarf and corduroy cap will have your tot winter-weather ready for the next recital, party or formal event.

Peppermint Patty Cake

Help your little peppermint look even sweeter than usual in our Peppermint Patty Cake moccasin! These stripes play well with other patterns, like snow-swiped gray pants. Pair them with a classic ivory quilted cardigan and cheery red scarf, and your little lady will be dressed to melt hearts.

Snow More Winter Blues

Pop on these patterned beauties with white mesh tights and a light blue blouse for a playful combination. Perfect for cuddling up indoors or hitting the town, say goodbye to the winter blues and heat up the day with this classic design.

We hope you bring Chérubin home for the dress-up season to turn heads around every turn. Whether minty stripes are more your tot’s style, or they prefer the soft, sweater look, your little cherub is sure to be dressed to impress in our fanciest collection yet!

As with all Chérubin moccs, our handmade leather products are 100-percent made in the United States. They feature materials that have been tested and certified safe for infants and toddlers. With soft suede soles and comfortable elastic cuffs, our moccs offer the perfect combination of function and fashion for your little cherub.

See the All Fancied Up collection here and order away!

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​Color your little one’s world!

Color your little one’s world! Every color in the My Coloring Book collection is bright, spunky, and bound to bring out your cherub’s personality. And of course, this collection boasts handmade, all-American leather stitched lovingly by our hands for your cherub’s feet! As always, you can count on us to only use safe materials in every shoe, while never compromising style or quality.

Each vibrant color is striated, giving the moccasins a dip-dyed, or “colored on” effect. And this collection was designed to color outside the lines! Don’t be afraid to pair these bold and festive moccasins with any pattern or palette. Just like a fresh box of crayons, this collection is sure to please all senses — from their vivid colors to the feel of soft suede and the smell of rich leather. From crawling to walking, these mocs will be a staple in your tot’s wardrobe.

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