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Styling The New Cheree Berry Paper + Chérubin Collection — Tell Me A Story

Ultra-chic fashion comes together with artistic creativity for a romp through the imagination in the most sophisticated and playful way.

We’re excited to introduce this whimsical new collection, from the imagination of award-winning graphic artist Cheree Berry Paper. Starting with exclusive designs and a specialized, unique printing process and the softest American made leather, skilled artisans in historic Sainte Geneviève, Missouri bring each pair of Chérubin leather baby moccasins to life — one precious pair at a time.

CBP children as moccasin models. Left to right: Lucy Disabato, William Armstrong, Rocco Tang, Xander York, Luke Rathert, Bo Nenninger and Mabel Irwin.

CBP children as moccasin models. Left to right: Lucy Disabato, William Armstrong, Rocco Tang, Xander York, Luke Rathert, Bo Nenninger and Mabel Irwin.

  • Baby Talk: It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for— your precious cherub’s first words! In this sophisticated design, we’ve recreated those words that have captured your heart. A fresh cotton white background, a prismatic rainbow of colors, and a playful font brings all the memorable first words to life in a sassy fashion statement that’s sure to go hand in heart with anything. Pair these with simple denim and a flowy top, or throw in a pop of color that matches the moccs!
  • Game Time: There’s no whistle on this play. Alternating black and white stripes pulled right from the referee’s jersey are finished off with a neat and trim grassy green cuff. The varying thickness of stripes catches your eye and draws you right into the action. Keep these mismatched moccs a focal point by pairing them with neutral cotton basics and onesies, or accentuate the fringe with a matching green headband.
  • Hear Me Roar: Bring out the wild in your little animal with this fun tiger print! Available in hot pink or tangerine orange, the right-side mocc features a playful tiger face and stripes, and the left has a voice bubble with “Roar” across the top. These playful moccasins have a fringed cuff with alternating colored and black stripes. These shoes will instantly ignite your wild thing, so pair it with a romper for playtime and try dressing it up with a denim top for occasions.
  • I Heart You: Mi amore, these moccs have stolen our hearts! Bold primary colors put on a show like no other as these moccs spell out “I Love You” across both little feet. Rich cobalt blue provides the backdrop for “I ♥ ” and “YOU” in multi-colors, and a red cuff and fringe bring it all together. Pair these color-block moccs with your cherub's favorite patterned dress or leggings or let them stand out with a solid, neutral outfit.
  • Banner Baby Blue Bunting: It’s a fashion parade under the big top — stylish stripes of sky and baby blue are wrapped across the back in solid color. The bright blue cuff is brought to life with the multi-colored triangle fringe, reminiscent of parties and carnivals. An eye-catching colorful toddler moccasin that’s sure to draw you in and capture the wonder of seeing the world through the eyes of your little cherub. Take the carnival inspiration and let your cherub match these moccs with big, bright colors, and all the frills they want!
  • Gallop for Scallops: Two choices for twice the fun! Our first are piano key classics ebony and ivory combination, polished to perfection. The forward is a black background sprinkled with delicate white polka dots, complimented by a full white ankle. The cuff is black, with the daintiest scalloped edge. Flip the coin for a sassy remake in contrasting hot pink and crimson red, with alternated scalloped cuffs. Whether a polished party or a fun playdate, this mocc has it all. Try these moccs all classed up with your favorite party dress — or try a co-ordinating color blocked outfit.

No matter your choice, all of our genuine leather moccasins are handmade to the highest standard of excellence, with an emphasis on sassy sophistication. We know you will love this new collection as much as we do!

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Top 5 Vacations (That You Can Take With A Toddler)

Long days filled with warm sunshine and escapades. Cool evenings lit up by dancing fireflies. S’mores and laughter around a crackling campfire.

Summer is here and it’s time to start planning the family vacation – but where?

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best vacation destinations that are guaranteed to provide hours of relaxation and fun for the whole family – and perhaps a wee splash of education.

1. Beaches: Clear skies, warm water, and wet sand are irresistible to your little pirate. A bucket and a shovel are all they need to spend hours building sandcastles at the seashore. What could be better than walking hand-in-hand with your little starfish while splashing in the surf? With a liberal application of skin protectant to guard your cherub’s tender skin against those deliciously warm rays and a packed lunch, you’re all set for a full day of fun in the sun.

2. Zoos: Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Amazement and delight are ahead of you from the moment you arrive with your little monkey. The sights and the sounds will have your little one ramped up for an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Don’t forget to visit the petting zoo! Be sure to pack extra snacks, bottled water, and sanitizing wipes in the stroller.

3. Playgrounds: No matter your destination, hours of endless activity await at local town playgrounds. We’re proud that quaint Sainte Geneviève, Missouri – where each pair of Chérubin moccasins is lovingly handcrafted by local artisans – features an amazing new playground to provide hours of tireless amusement. From the physical and mental stimulation of interactive play stations to the delightful squeals of “higher!” on the swings, there’s no healthier bonding experience than a day at the playground.

4. National Parks: Boundless wonder and adventure is in store for your little explorer as you engage in the rich experiences of our National Parks system. From small regions rich in culture and specializing in historical reenactments that your little one could participate in, to the vast expanses of pristine nature untouched by human contact, the National Parks allow you and your family to connect with our natural surroundings in an intimate way that bring wonder and excitement of nature home.

5. Farms: Spring and summer bring thoughts of picnics and backyard barbecues. What better way to gain an appreciation for our summer fare than with a trip to a farm? Fresh air and green rolling hills of local family farms serve as a rich environment to bring your little sprout for fun – with a subtle dose of education as a bonus. Starting with a ride on a green tractor to feeding a newborn calf to zipping through a corn maze, visiting a family farm will be an experience your family will never forget.

No matter your destination choice, always be sure to bring along an ample supply of bottled water, healthy snacks, comfy shoes and sunscreen.

With so many family-friendly options available, you will be making cherished memories for years to come.

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Baby Shower Gift Guide: Gifting Made Easy

No sound brings a smile to your face or warms your heart like the sound of baby giggles.

The excitement of a new baby brings on the challenge of finding the perfect gift for the baby shower. But from the adorable clothing onyour Pinterest feed to all of those exquisite keepsakes at local boutiques, how do you choose?

We’re here to help in the welcoming of a new cherub with some devilishly stylish suggestions that are both creative and practical.

Our List of Best Baby Shower Gifts

Onesie Bouquet:

Onsies are the most common gifts given at a baby shower — and one of the most needed. But with two simple and small adaptations, your gift can go from casual to unforgettable:

1. Fold the onesies, then roll them up and secure with chic diaper pins — these will be your blooms. Insert a small dowel or popsicle stick for the 'stem' and wrap the bundle with a receiving blanket then tie it off with ribbon for a beautiful bouquet.

2. Choose sizes up to 12 months, each size in a different color, to make your bouquet. The variety of colors and sizes will not only be extra cheerful and vibrant, but also useful when their little wonder quickly starts to grow.

Chérubin Moccasins:

We would be remiss not to mention the benefits of soft-soled baby shoes. Steal the baby shower spotlight with a pair of genuine leather, handmade moccasins. From our buttery-soft leather to the hand-stitched finishing touches — every bit of our moccs are 100% American made. All of the genuine leather we use is tested and certified infant and toddler safe. From sweet polka dots of our girl’s moccasins to the hot rod racing flames in our boy's moccasins and tons of gender neutral booties, you can find the perfect pair of show stopping shoes for any little one.


Because newborns can use up to a dozen or more in a single day, the number one gifted item for a baby shower is diapers. The average child goes through 7,500 diapers before 2 years old — so helping out a new mom with some extra diapers is always going to be appreciated. Before you giftwrap a few packs of diapers, consider a gift certificate to a monthly diaper service. The eco-friendly service takes care of everything for mom, and protects our planet for the future of our precious little ones.

Hands and Hearts:

As they reflect back on the first few years of motherhood, any mom will tell you the most cherished gifts are the ones from the heart – and the hands. Whether it's helping out a couple of hours once a week to let mom take a nap, or a lovingly crocheted crib blanket, gifts you make or carry out yourself are always some of the best. Consider getting artsy with a couple of homemade 'vouchers' redeemable for babysitting or help cooking — either one can help the new mom and dad get much needed rest and relax with their cherub. If you’re a bit more crafty or talented with a needle, a quilt that you add blocks to each year as the baby grows up makes for an amazing keepsake. While it'll take some time, it's something special they can take to college and use when starting their own families

On The Go Changing Mats:

These amazingly compact and convenient changing mats are one of the most practical gifts that have hit the market. Although they hold several diapers, wipes, and accessories — and are extremely easy to clean — they are surprisingly compact and inexpensive. As a baby shower gift, make sure there’s one for each car in the household to have on hand for those outings rather than using a public changing area. You can tie them with color coordinated ribbons, and tags indicating all of the different areas you can keep them.

Baby showers are a fun and exciting event for you, your friends and the new parents — celebrate with a unique gift for the precious new life that’s coming soon.

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How to Clean Leather Baby Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide

1) Wipe Your Feet

Because of our unique leather printing process, your Chérubin moccasins will stand up to a lifetime of mud puddles and sand boxes. The most important part of caring for your handmade leather baby moccasins is the easiest – when they get dirty, wipe them off. It’s really that simple. Even when they are at their muddiest, the most you need to do is just wipe the surface mud away and allow the rest to dry completely. The moccasins should come clean with a couple passes of a soft washcloth.

2) Send In The Bubbles

Your choice of cleaning agent is important to keeping your moccasins as soft and supple as your cherub’s skin. Unlike with other leathers, you should use only warm water and a small dab of mild soap. Appropriate choices would include suede cleaner specifically marked safe for use on baby shoes or a laundry detergent. Our preference is baby shampoo; it the mildest of detergents and safest for your little darling. Bonus – it smells nice!

3) Spot On

If your little sports enthusiast insists on wearing his leather baseball booties everywhere, you might want to consider just spot cleaning rather than a more detailed process every time they are worn. On dry moccasins, use a damp cloth and a dot of soap to gently wipe the smudges off.

4) To Rinse, Or Not To Rinse ─ That Is The Question

It’s a question that’s been debated in the fashion and shoe circles for years – is it safe to get genuine leather shoes wet? Like all natural leather and suede products, damp cloth wiping is okay but do try to avoid rinsing your moccasins under running water – or soaking them. In regards to cleaning, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the leather used. In our Wild About Hue collection, we are proud to partner with Horween Leather Company, who uses only genuine vegetable-tanned leather. With proper, gentle care these rich pigments remain true for years to come.

5) Ready … Aim ... Dry

The final step is the simplest. Once clean, your leather moccasins need to be dried before they can be worn. Like with cleaning, simple is always better. Allow them to air dry, out of direct sunlight. You can gently stuff a small cloth or tissue into the moccasins to assist in uniform drying and gentle reshaping after the cleaning.

6) Just Say No

Despite the lure of convenience in your hurried life, there are a couple shortcuts you want to make sure to never do with your Chérubin moccasins;

1. Tossing your genuine leather moccasins into the washer with everything else is not recommended. Trust us on this.

2. The same goes with the clothes dryer. Or hair dryer. Or boot dryer. Or any dryer, really!

3. Harsh chemicals should never come in contact with your baby’s moccasins; due to the nature of the genuine leather some of the chemicals could remain within in the leather and cause irritation.

By following a few steps, you can keep your Chérubin leather moccasins beautiful for years to come.

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Baby Styling: Spring '17 Trends & Patterns

Spring is finally here and Chérubin has the designs and pallets to make your little one the envy of 2017.

Garden hues have made their way onto the runway and into our hearts. For that extra pop of color, check out our Coloring Book collection. We’ve brought together the most vibrantcolors that Mother Nature has to offer and paired them with the finest American made leathers to bring you the softest and most durable moccasins and soft soled baby shoes, each pair handmade in Small Town, USA. From rich grape to subtle pumpkin and all shades in between, our genuine leather moccasins will be the hot topic of playground moms everywhere.

Bold yet restrained patterns made a grand entry this year, and are featured in our Boho Bébe collection. Reminiscent of Native American tribal art, our patterns feature strong lines and soft edges paired with rich hues. The expert use of color combinations in the hands of skilled artisans is truly inspired. Our unique, in-house printing process of these exclusive designs make each pair of handmade leather moccasins undeniable works of art.

Playful animal prints surged onto the cover of fashion magazines and into our Hakuna Matata collection. Our lively cheetah motif in tans and white will bring out the wild side of your little animal. For more daring fun, our mock snakeskin print breathes a hint of bravado into an afternoon romp in the park. Last but not least, dominant stripes of black and white portrayed in our zebra moccasin will strike up imaginative performance for your little entertainer.

Energetic primary colors will not remain in the crayon box. The basic solids of the world are always a staple, as these pigments have stood the test of time. Partnered with the respected Horween Leather Company, their genuine leather is used to create our Wild About Hue collection where we showcase soft yet bold colors in all their sophisticated glory. Our daring red baby moccs will make anyone caught up in the bustle of life stop and smell the roses. As timeless and classic as a little black dress, our sleek black leather toddler moccasin is a chic go-to for day play or evening out.

Of course — among the whirlwind of nudes and pastels — sweet pink found its place in the 2017 fashion and right into our It's My Party collection. A stylistic mélange of conservative geometric patterns with delicate lavenders, and the nostalgic simplicity of polka-dots with the perfect accent of gold glitter come together for a radical, yet feminine offering. From her first few weeks in leather crib shoes to her first day of pre- school, this collection will keep your little lady fashion forward.

Harvesting the liveliest colors springing up from the fashion garden with the most imaginative patterns from award-winning designers, the latest styles and trends can always be found at Chérubin.

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