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8 DIY Halloween Costumes to Make With Your Cherub

One of the most magical times of the year for kids of all ages is Halloween. There is the hint of Fall in the air, the carving of pumpkins, and the best part – dressing up and trick-or-treating. For the DIY parent, we've rounded up 8 costume ideas that you can make together.

Moto Man:

When it comes to play and dress-up, every little boy wants to be the guy on the motorcycle – and a Halloween costume is so incredibly easy! Some denim jeans, a simple white tee shirt, and our smokin’ hot Pit Stop moccs bring it all together is perfect play fun.

Static electricity:

Add hair-raising fun to your Halloween with this adorable – but fun and easy to make – homemade costume. Starting with black pajama top and bottoms, use safety pins on the inside to tack various colored socks and other small articles of clothing to the outfit. Be sure that none of the socks next to each other match! Add some punk-rock gel for a static-y hair and a small laundry basket for treats, and complete this simple and fun costume with the flashy and fun Gallops For Scallops mis-matched moccs.


Starting with a larger, sky blue sweatshirt from mom or dad’s collection and adding various sized styrofoam balls strung together and allowed to dance around. White tights and long sleeved tee shirt complete the base – and can be jazzed up by adding snowflakes cut from squares of white felt. Your Snow More Winter Blues moccs are the perfect accompaniment for this fun outfit.


With inspiration harvested from our wildly popular Pineapple of My Eye moccasins, this adorable baby costume starts with a bright yellow onesie, and felt accents of white stripes to make up the fruit, and a crown of lush green.


Why save the peewee football or softball uniform just for game day? Score big and match your baseball uniform up with our The Natural moccs or the flag football uniform with our fun new #1 Draft Pick moccasins for the perfect lineup.


This magically simple costume can be easily made in an afternoon, and is the perfect costume for romping around! A white hoodie and leggings for the body, and multi-colored yarn for the mane and tail will have your little one prancing around. Our colorful, swirled Marbleous moccs are the perfect hoofs for this imagination-inspired outfit.

Bubble Bath:

Balloons and a squeaky rubber ducky – what could be more fun? Let the kids share the fun by blowing up clear, white, and pink balloons and pinning them to a white to and leggings, and a soft white headband. Sweet and simple Sprinkles on Top moccs add the perfect splash of bubbly color.


What could be more fun – or easier – than letting your little one’s sassy side out? All you need are a leopard print top and leggings, matched to your Cheetah Feetah moccs. A headband with cat ears, and some soft, fuzzy trim on the collar and neckline complete this chic and simple costume.

Drawing inspiration from your Chérubin genuine leather moccasins – or a great excuse for a new pair – make this Halloween stand out with a costume that is fun, comfortable, and best of all, made together.

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Back To School Trends For Toddlers

Ask any parent – it’s never too early to start planning for back to school. From avoiding the last-minute mad dash for much needed essential supplies to slowly changing the wake-sleep cycle, the sooner you start – the better it will be for everyone.

School supplies don’t have to be boring! Bold colors and exciting patterns of the accessories will encourage your youngster to use them – and more use equals more learning.

  • Bookbags generally aren’t a necessity until first or second grade, but investing in a pint-sized backpack for carrying lunch and snacks, as well as a change of clothes and any incidental supplies needed, will get your little scholar familiar with bookbags and keep everything organized. Don’t forget to pick up a small pencil pack for all those smaller accessories.
  • Chunky pencils are necessary for little fingers learning to write. If you cannot find them, then grab a few grips and slip them over standard No2 pencils. Don’t forget colored pencils, too.
  • Art supplies are essential for your little Picasso. Consider standard or jumbo crayons, washable markers, and non-toxic glue sticks. A homemade smock made from one of mom or dad’s tee shirts is an economical alternative to a purchased smock to protect clothing during messy crafts – and can be a ton of fun decorating it together!

Hitting the halls and being both comfortable and fashionable is a boost to any student’s confidence – and your little scholar is no different.

  • For the girls, bright colors are the start and the end-all of the youngster fashion color pallet. Alternating loud patterns and reserved solids for tanks or short-sleeved tops and shorts, skirts, or legging bottoms will have your little fashionista in style for the whole school year.
  • For your little man, the layered look of oxford shirts and vests or cardigans are trending once again. Plaid patterns are making a comeback again this year – with just the right amount of fashion and durability to be a must-have in every wardrobe.
  • For the youngest, keep it simple and comfortable with denim or khaki shorts or pants, and the lighweight cotton shirts.
  • We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that shoes bring an outfit together. Hand crafted from 100% genuine American leather, our moccasins are the perfect shoe for the classroom and the playground. For an extra splash of fun, check out our new Tell Me A Story collection. Back to school fashion has never been so easy!

Just like with fashion, there are a couple back-to-school fashion indiscretions you want to avoid.

  • Always keep a change of clothes in your child’s pack. Life – usually in the form of mud puddles – happens to our little adventurers, and it's best to be prepared.
  • If you send your little one with an electronic device, make sure the games are not interfering with learning. Some hand-held or online games can be a wonderful game during home time, but can be a distraction during school hours.
  • Remember to keep the fashion comfortable. Little ones want to fit in just like their big sisters and brothers, but keep in mind that play and nap time and steer more towards durable materials and relaxed fits.

Solid and early planning ensures a good base for the most successful school year possible.

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Styling The New Cheree Berry Paper + Chérubin Collection — Tell Me A Story

Ultra-chic fashion comes together with artistic creativity for a romp through the imagination in the most sophisticated and playful way.

We’re excited to introduce this whimsical new collection, from the imagination of award-winning graphic artist Cheree Berry Paper. Starting with exclusive designs and a specialized, unique printing process and the softest American made leather, skilled artisans in historic Sainte Geneviève, Missouri bring each pair of Chérubin leather baby moccasins to life — one precious pair at a time.

CBP children as moccasin models. Left to right: Lucy Disabato, William Armstrong, Rocco Tang, Xander York, Luke Rathert, Bo Nenninger and Mabel Irwin.

CBP children as moccasin models. Left to right: Lucy Disabato, William Armstrong, Rocco Tang, Xander York, Luke Rathert, Bo Nenninger and Mabel Irwin.

  • Baby Talk: It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for— your precious cherub’s first words! In this sophisticated design, we’ve recreated those words that have captured your heart. A fresh cotton white background, a prismatic rainbow of colors, and a playful font brings all the memorable first words to life in a sassy fashion statement that’s sure to go hand in heart with anything. Pair these with simple denim and a flowy top, or throw in a pop of color that matches the moccs!
  • Game Time: There’s no whistle on this play. Alternating black and white stripes pulled right from the referee’s jersey are finished off with a neat and trim grassy green cuff. The varying thickness of stripes catches your eye and draws you right into the action. Keep these mismatched moccs a focal point by pairing them with neutral cotton basics and onesies, or accentuate the fringe with a matching green headband.
  • Hear Me Roar: Bring out the wild in your little animal with this fun tiger print! Available in hot pink or tangerine orange, the right-side mocc features a playful tiger face and stripes, and the left has a voice bubble with “Roar” across the top. These playful moccasins have a fringed cuff with alternating colored and black stripes. These shoes will instantly ignite your wild thing, so pair it with a romper for playtime and try dressing it up with a denim top for occasions.
  • I Heart You: Mi amore, these moccs have stolen our hearts! Bold primary colors put on a show like no other as these moccs spell out “I Love You” across both little feet. Rich cobalt blue provides the backdrop for “I ♥ ” and “YOU” in multi-colors, and a red cuff and fringe bring it all together. Pair these color-block moccs with your cherub's favorite patterned dress or leggings or let them stand out with a solid, neutral outfit.
  • Banner Baby Blue Bunting: It’s a fashion parade under the big top — stylish stripes of sky and baby blue are wrapped across the back in solid color. The bright blue cuff is brought to life with the multi-colored triangle fringe, reminiscent of parties and carnivals. An eye-catching colorful toddler moccasin that’s sure to draw you in and capture the wonder of seeing the world through the eyes of your little cherub. Take the carnival inspiration and let your cherub match these moccs with big, bright colors, and all the frills they want!
  • Gallop for Scallops: Two choices for twice the fun! Our first are piano key classics ebony and ivory combination, polished to perfection. The forward is a black background sprinkled with delicate white polka dots, complimented by a full white ankle. The cuff is black, with the daintiest scalloped edge. Flip the coin for a sassy remake in contrasting hot pink and crimson red, with alternated scalloped cuffs. Whether a polished party or a fun playdate, this mocc has it all. Try these moccs all classed up with your favorite party dress — or try a co-ordinating color blocked outfit.

No matter your choice, all of our genuine leather moccasins are handmade to the highest standard of excellence, with an emphasis on sassy sophistication. We know you will love this new collection as much as we do!

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Baby Styling: Spring '17 Trends & Patterns

Spring is finally here and Chérubin has the designs and pallets to make your little one the envy of 2017.

Garden hues have made their way onto the runway and into our hearts. For that extra pop of color, check out our Coloring Book collection. We’ve brought together the most vibrantcolors that Mother Nature has to offer and paired them with the finest American made leathers to bring you the softest and most durable moccasins and soft soled baby shoes, each pair handmade in Small Town, USA. From rich grape to subtle pumpkin and all shades in between, our genuine leather moccasins will be the hot topic of playground moms everywhere.

Bold yet restrained patterns made a grand entry this year, and are featured in our Boho Bébe collection. Reminiscent of Native American tribal art, our patterns feature strong lines and soft edges paired with rich hues. The expert use of color combinations in the hands of skilled artisans is truly inspired. Our unique, in-house printing process of these exclusive designs make each pair of handmade leather moccasins undeniable works of art.

Playful animal prints surged onto the cover of fashion magazines and into our Hakuna Matata collection. Our lively cheetah motif in tans and white will bring out the wild side of your little animal. For more daring fun, our mock snakeskin print breathes a hint of bravado into an afternoon romp in the park. Last but not least, dominant stripes of black and white portrayed in our zebra moccasin will strike up imaginative performance for your little entertainer.

Energetic primary colors will not remain in the crayon box. The basic solids of the world are always a staple, as these pigments have stood the test of time. Partnered with the respected Horween Leather Company, their genuine leather is used to create our Wild About Hue collection where we showcase soft yet bold colors in all their sophisticated glory. Our daring red baby moccs will make anyone caught up in the bustle of life stop and smell the roses. As timeless and classic as a little black dress, our sleek black leather toddler moccasin is a chic go-to for day play or evening out.

Of course — among the whirlwind of nudes and pastels — sweet pink found its place in the 2017 fashion and right into our It's My Party collection. A stylistic mélange of conservative geometric patterns with delicate lavenders, and the nostalgic simplicity of polka-dots with the perfect accent of gold glitter come together for a radical, yet feminine offering. From her first few weeks in leather crib shoes to her first day of pre- school, this collection will keep your little lady fashion forward.

Harvesting the liveliest colors springing up from the fashion garden with the most imaginative patterns from award-winning designers, the latest styles and trends can always be found at Chérubin.

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Style with All Fancied Up

From proper plaid to minty stripes, each design in this collection will keep your tot cheery and bright no matter the season.Perfect for family fetes or fun-filled adventures with friends, incorporate a dash of our inspiration below to steal the show!

Black and Forth

Looking to dress your little man in a dapper delight? Try pairing our Black and Forth moccasin with lush cranberry-colored corduroys and a subtle gray plaid oxford. Add on coordinating accessories like a cranberry bow tie and a heather gray riding cap, and this tot is unstoppable!

Tartan Me…Have We Met?

Our Tartan moccs can spice up any classic outfit, like a simple washed-denim jean or cozy ivory pullover. Added layers like an oatmeal cable-knit scarf and corduroy cap will have your tot winter-weather ready for the next recital, party or formal event.

Peppermint Patty Cake

Help your little peppermint look even sweeter than usual in our Peppermint Patty Cake moccasin! These stripes play well with other patterns, like snow-swiped gray pants. Pair them with a classic ivory quilted cardigan and cheery red scarf, and your little lady will be dressed to melt hearts.

Snow More Winter Blues

Pop on these patterned beauties with white mesh tights and a light blue blouse for a playful combination. Perfect for cuddling up indoors or hitting the town, say goodbye to the winter blues and heat up the day with this classic design.

We hope you bring Chérubin home for the dress-up season to turn heads around every turn. Whether minty stripes are more your tot’s style, or they prefer the soft, sweater look, your little cherub is sure to be dressed to impress in our fanciest collection yet!

As with all Chérubin moccs, our handmade leather products are 100-percent made in the United States. They feature materials that have been tested and certified safe for infants and toddlers. With soft suede soles and comfortable elastic cuffs, our moccs offer the perfect combination of function and fashion for your little cherub.

See the All Fancied Up collection here and order away!

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