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The Benefits of Art Therapy for Young Children

Unleashing the creativity of your little ones

It’s a picture-perfect afternoon.

Toddlers laying on plush carpeting, a bucket of crayons – and a few strays scattered about – in the center. Quiet banter and giggles fill the air, mixed with roars and squeals of fancy bringing the colored pages to life.

From our youngest age, we have expressed our thoughts and dreams with color on paper – and sometimes the walls!

Even as adults, we still feel ourselves being pulled back to our roots. Our grown-up colored pencils have replaced the basic eight-pack of crayons, and sophisticated pages of elegant designs replaced our youthful coloring books – and nothing takes away the stress of the day quite like it.

But when it comes down to it, what is Art Therapy really all about?

Art therapy is the means of expression through the creative process. For toddlers, that play is an important part of development or self-discovery; it is a natural part of growth and maturation for our children. Those vivacious swirls of color and silly stories to go with pictures are all building blocks for emotionally healthy toddlers that help them grow into strong and independent adults. Encouraging your child’s imagination through various mediums, such as paper and crayons, modeling clay, or even finger paints, affirms their individuality and creativity. Beginning at a young age will help your child navigate through emotional growth as they learn about their own individuality while building healthy self-esteem.

Emotions are learned and refined from imagination and ingenuity starting from an early age – and are key to helping our little ones embrace the task of learning what feelings are, and how to process and express them. From happy days to the occasional blue ones, sunshine and blue skies on the swings at their favorite park, or a rainy day where they have to play inside, art therapy draws out those emotions through creativity and expresses them in a way that they can reflect on and understand.

Kids learn self-awareness and self-assurance in their art. From play-dough sculptures that you cannot identify to energetic swirls and splashes of paint on heavy paper, the only positive feedback your little Picasso will seek is from mom and dad. The acceptance of his art form as perfect the way it is, and to see them decorating the refrigerator or dad’s office helps them build self-esteem – which will mold them to avoid pitfalls of being peer pleasers, seeking their worth in what the crowd thinks rather than from within.

Grandparents form a special bond with these little blessings, and when those visits are over, missing Nana or Pop Pop is natural for your little one. What feels like a short week-long visit to us, can seem like an eternity to your young toddler, and you can help express and deal with those new feelings of missing their grandparents by encouraging them draw a picture of their favorite person, place, or memory.

Quite simply, Art Therapy is a process in which your child discovers and expresses themselves – allowing them to flourish emotionally.

Next to little hugs and “I love you”, can there be anything better?

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​Me-Time for Mommy — Relaxation Tips

Could there possibly be anything more rewarding than hearing precious little giggles and hearing “I love you, mommy” with a baby bear hug every day? But sometimes, moms need a little time for relaxation and emotional nourishment – and we wanted to share some of our favorite techniques to get the most out of your "me-time."

Recharging doesn’t have to take a lot of time. With just 10-15 minutes during a busy time of day, you can be rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever the rest of the day has in store for you.

  • A healthy snack and mug of hot cocoa or coffee take just a few minutes, but the benefits can last all day. For extra yumminess, consider baking up a batch of banana-oatmeal cookies as a healthy pick-me-up for you and perfect after school snacks for your little one.
  • Even ten minutes of quiet meditation can change your outlook and re-ground you to tackle the rest of your day. Consider downloading an app that plays soothing nature sounds and also keeps track of the time so you don’t have to.
  • You’ve heard it from Mom for years – stop and take a couple breaths. Recently, scientists have started agreeing with Mom, touting the mental and physical health benefits of slow, deep breaths to re-center your inner self.

An afternoon break can be the perfect way to refocus and recharge, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

  • Who doesn’t love a mani-pedi? Kick back and relax for an hour of spoiling yourself, and leave the salon feeling like the queen that you are.
  • Got an hour? Grab your walking shoes and hit the trail for a sure-fire way to convert any built-up stress into feel good energy for a boost that will take you through the rest of your day.
  • Pack a lunch and head for the local park for a personal picnic. Your favorite finger foods and a good book to take you on a relaxing stroll through your imagination will have you rested up in no time – just don’t forget your shades!

The weekend is here, and you’ve managed a full day just for yourself. Get the most out of your time without breaking the bank – and get yourself a serious boost of well-being.

  • For the ultimate in rejuvenation and pampering, nothing compares to a day at the spa. Deep massages, refreshing facials, and lounging by the pool can feel like an eternity of delicious relaxation.
  • Think outside the Wi-Fi and consider unplugging for the day. Taking a break from the intense pace of social media and brightness of the device screen can be just what the doctor ordered. Don’t worry – all the status updates and new recipe pins will still be there.
  • For a true diversion to take you into another world, consider getting crafty. Working with your hands and mild concentration will have you comfortable and stress-free in no time. Not ready to take on a new hobby? Get back to nature with a small flower garden!

Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, it’s important to take some time and re-center yourself for optimal physical and emotional health.

Moms make everyone’s life better – don’t forget to take time for yourself!

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How Do I Get Baby Shoes to Stay On?

It’s a warm summer afternoon, and there’s no comparison to the relaxation and delight of taking your little one for an afternoon in the park or to the local playground for a playdate. Before you know it, it’s time to gather up the toys and your bundle of energy, when you notice one shoe has gone missing. And so the hunt for the lost shoe begins …

But not with your Chérubin soft leather moccasins!

Starting with the most supple American made leather, every pair of Chérubin moccasins is handmade from the non-skid, soft suede sole to the leather upper – and lost shoes aren’t part of the recipe.

It’s perfectly normal for your little one to tug on their moccs – curious play with their feet is a natural learning process. Bold colors and energetic patterns are distinguishing characteristics of our leather shoes, and a perfect description of your little adventurer. Each pair of Chérubin moccasins are handmade in a way that’s unique, and guaranteed to stay on. And for that occasional mud puddle, our cleaning guide will keep them fresh and bright.

A few recommendations to ensure the perfect fit of baby shoes;

  • Choose the best footwear.

    From the moment you laid eyes on them, your little cherub stole your heart, and you vowed that only the best would ever do – and that includes their shoes. But there’s more to quality shoes than fun patterns and cool colors. Unlike commercially manufactured shoes, one of the distinctive features designed into every pair of Chérubin’s handmade moccasins is the placement of the gentle elastic. By placing a small section of gentle elastic, wrapped in supple leather, across the top of the foot, the overall design of the genuine leather leather walking shoe is more fitted around the heel and ankle, leaving plenty of room for the toes to move. And, the moccs stay on for all day play or afternoon napping without pinching or pulling!
  • Ensure the right size

    . Proper fitting walking shoes need to have room to wiggle their piggies! Their feet need to be able to move and feel the surface they are walking on. It is important to allow room for adjustments in balance as they walk. Our leather moccasins have a soft suede bottom to allow the tactile feedback, and are non-slip to keep them up on their toes. We have prepared an easy to use sizing guide to allow you to choose the perfect size for your little adventurer.
  • Consider the style

    . Comfort and style go hand in hand here at Chérubin. Each pair of our leather walking shoes is a handcrafted fashion statement that is guaranteed to make your little one the center of attention on the playground. In addition to the structural design, don’t forget the patterned style – whether it’s the pink camo for your little soldier, or our hot racing stripes for your speed demon, Chérubin moccs are fun footwear that are always in fashion.

With your Chérubin genuine leather moccasins, you’ll never be coordinating the hunt for a lost shoe!

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Top 5 Vacations (That You Can Take With A Toddler)

Long days filled with warm sunshine and escapades. Cool evenings lit up by dancing fireflies. S’mores and laughter around a crackling campfire.

Summer is here and it’s time to start planning the family vacation – but where?

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best vacation destinations that are guaranteed to provide hours of relaxation and fun for the whole family – and perhaps a wee splash of education.

1. Beaches: Clear skies, warm water, and wet sand are irresistible to your little pirate. A bucket and a shovel are all they need to spend hours building sandcastles at the seashore. What could be better than walking hand-in-hand with your little starfish while splashing in the surf? With a liberal application of skin protectant to guard your cherub’s tender skin against those deliciously warm rays and a packed lunch, you’re all set for a full day of fun in the sun.

2. Zoos: Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Amazement and delight are ahead of you from the moment you arrive with your little monkey. The sights and the sounds will have your little one ramped up for an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Don’t forget to visit the petting zoo! Be sure to pack extra snacks, bottled water, and sanitizing wipes in the stroller.

3. Playgrounds: No matter your destination, hours of endless activity await at local town playgrounds. We’re proud that quaint Sainte Geneviève, Missouri – where each pair of Chérubin moccasins is lovingly handcrafted by local artisans – features an amazing new playground to provide hours of tireless amusement. From the physical and mental stimulation of interactive play stations to the delightful squeals of “higher!” on the swings, there’s no healthier bonding experience than a day at the playground.

4. National Parks: Boundless wonder and adventure is in store for your little explorer as you engage in the rich experiences of our National Parks system. From small regions rich in culture and specializing in historical reenactments that your little one could participate in, to the vast expanses of pristine nature untouched by human contact, the National Parks allow you and your family to connect with our natural surroundings in an intimate way that bring wonder and excitement of nature home.

5. Farms: Spring and summer bring thoughts of picnics and backyard barbecues. What better way to gain an appreciation for our summer fare than with a trip to a farm? Fresh air and green rolling hills of local family farms serve as a rich environment to bring your little sprout for fun – with a subtle dose of education as a bonus. Starting with a ride on a green tractor to feeding a newborn calf to zipping through a corn maze, visiting a family farm will be an experience your family will never forget.

No matter your destination choice, always be sure to bring along an ample supply of bottled water, healthy snacks, comfy shoes and sunscreen.

With so many family-friendly options available, you will be making cherished memories for years to come.

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How to Clean Leather Baby Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide

1) Wipe Your Feet

Because of our unique leather printing process, your Chérubin moccasins will stand up to a lifetime of mud puddles and sand boxes. The most important part of caring for your handmade leather baby moccasins is the easiest – when they get dirty, wipe them off. It’s really that simple. Even when they are at their muddiest, the most you need to do is just wipe the surface mud away and allow the rest to dry completely. The moccasins should come clean with a couple passes of a soft washcloth.

2) Send In The Bubbles

Your choice of cleaning agent is important to keeping your moccasins as soft and supple as your cherub’s skin. Unlike with other leathers, you should use only warm water and a small dab of mild soap. Appropriate choices would include suede cleaner specifically marked safe for use on baby shoes or a laundry detergent. Our preference is baby shampoo; it the mildest of detergents and safest for your little darling. Bonus – it smells nice!

3) Spot On

If your little sports enthusiast insists on wearing his leather baseball booties everywhere, you might want to consider just spot cleaning rather than a more detailed process every time they are worn. On dry moccasins, use a damp cloth and a dot of soap to gently wipe the smudges off.

4) To Rinse, Or Not To Rinse ─ That Is The Question

It’s a question that’s been debated in the fashion and shoe circles for years – is it safe to get genuine leather shoes wet? Like all natural leather and suede products, damp cloth wiping is okay but do try to avoid rinsing your moccasins under running water – or soaking them. In regards to cleaning, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the leather used. In our Wild About Hue collection, we are proud to partner with Horween Leather Company, who uses only genuine vegetable-tanned leather. With proper, gentle care these rich pigments remain true for years to come.

5) Ready … Aim ... Dry

The final step is the simplest. Once clean, your leather moccasins need to be dried before they can be worn. Like with cleaning, simple is always better. Allow them to air dry, out of direct sunlight. You can gently stuff a small cloth or tissue into the moccasins to assist in uniform drying and gentle reshaping after the cleaning.

6) Just Say No

Despite the lure of convenience in your hurried life, there are a couple shortcuts you want to make sure to never do with your Chérubin moccasins;

1. Tossing your genuine leather moccasins into the washer with everything else is not recommended. Trust us on this.

2. The same goes with the clothes dryer. Or hair dryer. Or boot dryer. Or any dryer, really!

3. Harsh chemicals should never come in contact with your baby’s moccasins; due to the nature of the genuine leather some of the chemicals could remain within in the leather and cause irritation.

By following a few steps, you can keep your Chérubin leather moccasins beautiful for years to come.

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