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​A Look Inside of Chérubin Shoes

Meet our designers!

Chérubin handmade leather moccasins have been popping up all over Pinterst, Facebook, and Instagram – and for good reason! The finest American made leather and the exceptionally detailed and skilled craftsmanship of local artisans are only part of the story; our ascent to the pinnacle of toddler fashion is due in large part to the amazing talent of our designers.

The brilliant Christine Hoog is the heartbeat behind Chérubin moccasins. As the creative director, Christine is involved in every step of creating these stylish moccasins, from concept of the shoe style to the last detail of the final stitching. As a devoted wife and mother of two exceptionally artistically talented girls, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Christine is also the dynamic force behind the innovative printing processes, which reproduce patterns and designs in brilliant color and detail directly onto the highest quality American leather. This complex and state-of-the-art method ensures that each and every pair of Chérubin moccasins is perfect – just like your little one.

The award-winning Trenna Travis is the creator behind the inaugural collection of Chérubin moccasins. With her passion for design apparent from early childhood, Trenna blazed onto the fashion scene with a BFA in Fashion Illustration and Advertising. She quickly climbed the ranks as creative director and product and graphic designer before launching her own design services and interior design business – which include many of her own product lines. In addition to her collaboration with Chérubin, she partnered with Michael Miller Fabric for an exclusive textile line. Trenna was former contributing editor and stylist to Mary Engelbreit Home Companion and contributor to St. Louis At Home magazines.

Our newest collaboration is with the charming and sophisticated Cheree Berry Paper. From their inception in 2007, Cheree Berry Paper has grown from a premier stationary designer and printer to a highly sought after, multi-faceted graphic design firm. Their refined and energetic designs are clever and unexpected, and they have driven the entire paper printing industry to all new levels. Cheree is a graduate of Washington University with a BA in Fine Arts, and her natural talent was sought after by the premier graphic firm Pentagram. Soon afterwards, Cheree accepted the position of associate art director at Kate Spade in New York City. This naturally talented mother of three has her roots close to Sainte Geneviève, so the connection with Chérubin moccasins was an easy one, and the playful and polished prints matched the legacy printing and styles of Chérubin handmade leather moccasins, which are an exclusive collection of the century.

From the classic sophistication of our Black Diamond T-strap moccs to the whimsical patterns of our newest collection, Tell Me A Story, brilliant designers are the creative force that bring these exciting patterns to life.

We are proud to bring you our works of art, for your little work of art.

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American-Made Start to Finish: Chérubin Shoes

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest is the historic town of Sainte Geneviève, the home of Chérubin Shoes. American artisans, crafting an American product from American materials. Start to finish, each pair of genuine leather moccasins are truly the result of the American dream.

Join us for a behind the scenes look at what it means to be “Made in the USA” – and why we’re so proud to share it with you.

American Workers:

Since the turn of the 18th century, when Sainte Geneviève was a new settlement, the local artisans took pride in their crafts and breathtaking architecture – several buildings from the late 1700’s and early 1800’s are still standing today, registered with the National Register of Historic Places. In the 1930s, Sainte Geneviève became famous for the Art Colony, which transformed the entire nation’s view of the Midwest through paintings. Continuing in the tradition of skill and excellence, every pair of genuine leather moccasins is crafted by hand with the same attention to detail as those ancient artisans. From the first cut of the leather to the final stitch, each pair of moccasins is started and finished one at a time.

American Materials:

Of all the materials available to hand craft our moccasins, only the finest leather will do. Soft micro-suede allows tiny toes to feel the surface and balance, while protecting them from slipping or hot pavement. Using only 100% American leather that is tested and certified for infants and children, our soft leather uppers offer protection and style! Our Wild About Hue collections feature vegetable-tanned leathers from the renown Horween Leathers Company. Rich colors are dyed throughout using Horween’s specialized technique – the same one they have been using for over 100 years. Soft and secure – only the best for your little cherub.

American Dreams:

Based on creativity and the finest materials, the art of hand crafted excellence is a tradition that Chérubin is proud to continue. From the imagination of our illustrious designers come bold and fresh patterns, playful and whimsical. Drawing from her history, award-winning designer Trenna Travis brings the brilliant colors and vibrant patterns of the Southwest to life in our Boho Bebe collection. We are excited to share our newest collaboration with Cheree Berry Paper; a fresh collection of whimsical and playful patterns that are sure to bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

From a conception of patterns to slipping that pair of moccasins on your little one’s precious feet, Chérubin is proud to be an American company and we’re thrilled that you allow us to continue to share our craft with you.

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