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Why Do Toddlers Take Off Their Shoes?

A look into why they do it, and how it plays into child development.

It doesn’t matter where you are with your little peanut – it’s inevitable.

It can happen at a friend’s house, the doctor’s office – or even at Church. It is especially likely to happen at home right before you have to walk out the door. You have your precious toddler dressed up and ready to go. But, before you pack your bag, or five minutes after you have arrived at your destination, your precious angel’s shoes are off … So now you’re off to wrangle your squirming little worm and get the shoes back where they belong.

And all the while you’re wondering why they take their shoes off in the first place – and how they manage to do it so fast!

  • To Play With The Shoes: Little ones will play with anything when they’re bored. Mix a soft top, a velvety smooth sole, and perfect fringes that are just the right size for little fingers to play with and they've got the perfect toy: their shoes. With a toy that’s so convenient to get their hands – who could resist? What’s even better is if they drop one, they have a spare!
  • Part Of Development: As babies grow and develop, their world expands. They begin to understand the difference between themselves and other inanimate objects – and how to interact with those objects. Because shoes are small and manageable in their little hands, those become a perfect object of their quest for gaining control. Shoes follow closely on the heels of bottles and pacifiers for such objects that they begin to recognize as “accessories.” We all know there’s no better accessory than soft, supple moccasins.
  • Sense of independence: We all want our little ones to grow into strong, independent individuals – just not when you’re trying to get them dressed and out the door! The act of removing their shoes allow them to express their wants and needs in a tangible way, teaching them to not only express the want, but start to instill in them a sense of accomplishment. The act of removing their shoes begins to teach the little tykes the simple laws of cause and effect – tug the shoe and it comes off.
  • Free The Piggies: From the earliest age, your child’s toes are the first friends they discovered. These strange wiggling and squirming little appendages that are always ready to play – and never tired out or got too fat out of reach. So naturally, they want to get to their little piggies for some playful interaction. Neither shoes nor socks will stand between your cherub and their little friends!

At Chérubin, our baby moccasins are hand crafted by skilled artisans in the heart of the Midwest. Made with American leather with soft and non-skid microsuede soles that is tested and certified safe for babies, our highest quality moccs keep your toddler upright and on the move.

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Secretly Healthy Snacks to Pack for School

No matter how old you are, nothing turns a frown upside-down and makes the day better like a fun snack. From lunch bag goodies packed with love to after school snacks to refuel for the rest of the day, these sweet delights are the highlight of your little gumdrop’s day.

As a parent, you want your little one to eat healthier – and sneaking a few extra nutrients and pulling out a few calories from snacks is actually a lot easier than you might think.

Let them eat cake:

We all love a moist, gooey cupcake – and there are several ways you can easily convert them from the unhealthy delicacies into a more wholesome version without losing their appeal. Add a dash of nature’s goodness by swapping out the oil in favor of sugar-free, chunky applesauce. Trim the calories even more by forgoing the heavy frosting and adding a sprinkle of organic powdered sugar mixed with cocoa powder.

Kaleidoscope bars:

No matter your age, colors grab our attention – and for your kids, fun equals yummy. Add a splash of color to an otherwise boring snack to instantly bring it to life. A handful of fruity pebbles to a healthy granola bar recipe will add a trace amount of sugar per bar, but the exchange will have them reaching for seconds. Try adding some home-made dried fruit to everyday recipes for a dash of extra vitamins and mouthwatering eye appeal.

Sprinkles, please:

In a kid's eyes, sprinkles could make even the lowly spinach dish as tasty as an ice cream sundae. Fat-free sprinkles can be added to just about any treat to make it a favorite that’s sure to please every time. Kick air-popped corn into overdrive with a handful of brightly colored confetti sprinkles mixed in. Don’t underestimate the draw of the delightfully tiny colored balls. Pretty much any health-food snack from kale chips to rugged fiber-rich granola can be instantly transformed by colorful sprinkles.

Cookie monsters:

Scrumptious, kid-sized handfuls of yumminess is the way to any cherub’s heart. Forego the typical oatmeal raisin cookies for simple banana-oatmeal bars, which use the sweetness of the ripe banana in place of added sugar or oil. For extra pizazz toss in a handful of bright red cranberries and purple raisins for a multicolored delight. If it’s chocolate chip cookies they’re craving, use organic, sugar-free cacao chips in place of processed chocolate, and exchange the fats for coconut oil for a soft cookie that will move up the healthy scale as well as the most requested list.

Fostering healthy habits from a young age can lead to a lifetime of good choices – but it’s never too late to start making small changes for the better. From swapping an ingredient or two, to changing the consistency of a dry crunchy health bar, to an enjoyable moist and chewy slice of heaven – pretty soon the health snacks will be on the most wanted list – and the health benefits will be your little secret.

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Best Summer Playdate Outfits for Toddlers

It’s an invitation to a playdate – but what’s a little party animal to wear?

From formal parties with ties and tights to sandbox romps in denim and tees, we’ve put together some quick guidelines to making sure your little cherub is outfitted to be the angel of every play date.

  • Outdoor Parks:

    There’s just something about parks that bring out the adventurer in your little one. The tall grass and the colorful flowers all enhance the sense of excitement and wonder. When the destination is a local park, remember to choose an outfit that’s both comfy and fashionable, such as capri-length pants or jeans and a long sleeved cardigan over a sleeveless top. Paired with our camo moccs – available in traditional multi-tone green or girly pink – your little explorer will be ready to take on everything their imagination can conjure up.

  • Parties:

    From pirates and princesses to afternoon tea, the fashionable birthday party feels like a red carpet event to your toddler. This is the perfect opportunity to go all out with the latest hip styles and trendsetting designs. Hip bowties and vests on your little man, or trendy kimono cardigans for your little lady, you can be sure to add a dash of class with our Black Diamond T-strap moccs – the classic design and premier American leather moccs are handcrafted to an unmatched standard of perfection, just like your little fashionista.

  • Local Playground:

    The usual spot for all the moms and tots to meet for a weekly romp is the local playground – and your little one feels right at home on their turf! But with familiarity comes seemingly endless hours of fun, and comfortable fit is a play essential. Forego the frills in favor of more durable wear. Loose t-shirts with whimsical patterns and durable shorts or denim jeans are the perfect compliment to swings and slides and sand boxes. Add our The Natural moccasin for an outfit that’s both rugged and fun – just like your little one.

  • Destinations:

    It's been said that location is everything – and with so many popular attractions to host playdates and parties, there’s no end to the wonder and excitement that await. For style that’s prepared for game-on play, or hitting the pause button, be sure to layer for the perfect amount of polish and comfort. Pants or a denim look and a coordinated shirt will keep them on top of their game and style. Our Rainbow Bright moccs are delightfully fashionable and go with anything for the perfect footwear – and you don’t have to worry about them being accidentally lost in a ball pit.

From fancy indoor birthday parties to outdoor play, choosing the best outfit for the event ensures your little one is dressed to impress and ready to play. And like any other outfit, it’s the shoes that bring it all together.

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​Unique Birthday Party Themes

It’s the ultimate toddler play date – a birthday party! And when it’s time to plan the celebration for your little cherub, you want to make sure it’s a day to remember. With a sprinkle of imagination and a dash of planning, and some awesome party theme suggestions, your birthday party will create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Costume:

    Costumes aren’t just for Halloween! Our little princesses and pirates imagination and play are inspired by dress-up, so why should one day in October get all the fun? A birthday party theme that celebrates the diversity of our children’s dreams and unleashes their imaginations is the greatest gift we can give them. Whether you go all in for a single theme – like Superheros with matching plates, napkins and decorations – or leave it open as a creative free-for-all to come as their favorite get-up, the best party of the year will be at your house.

  • Formal Tea:

    If there’s anything your little ladies and gentlemen enjoy, it’s getting fancied up. Polished shoes and bowties, ruffled skirts and lacy tights, watch as the charm gets turned on in spectacular fashion when they’re the center of attention. Keep the theme with formal-appearing paper place settings that are fancy, but fun. For snacks, intentionally choose various finger foods that avoid drips and stains, such as cake-pops. Have a camera ready to take snapshots of all the adorable fun. For an all-girls party, consider asking a couple big sisters to be on hand to do elegant makeovers!

  • Sprinkles:

    Every little girl loves colorful sparkles and bright golden glitter, so what better way to celebrate than with confetti? Taking inspiration from our Sprinkles On Top moccs, all you need are a few packs of edible confetti, a supply of glittery streamers, and a splash of imagination and you can create a party that’s guaranteed to enchant all the little princesses. For a bright and delicious treat, consider using Fruity Pebbles ™ in place of crisp rice cereal in marshmallow crispy treats. Add some extra cool fun by filling balloons with confetti and glitter and popping them!

  • Messy:

    Nothing unleashes a child’s imagination and creativity like getting their hands into something squishy. From mud puddles to modeling clay, and everything in between – is you’re looking for a party theme that’s all about the kids then have we got the perfect suggestion for you! With fun activities like edible finger painting made by combining whipped cream with food coloring, jello cube toss using jello that has been set in ice cube trays or other small molds for easy grasp and throwing, or even dunking for M&Ms in pie tins filled with whipped cream, there will be no end to the giggles and fun. Bonus: our cleaning tips will have your Chérubin moccasins back to pristine condition!

Every mom (and dad!) is looking for the freshest and most memorable party theme for their little one – and we're happy to offer party advice that is sure to make a lasting impression!

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Why Are Soft-Soled Baby Shoes Beneficial For Walking?

Wearing soft, genuine leather baby moccasins, the little cherub took her first little steps like the world was her runway.

Fuzzy socks and super soft sleepers have kept their feet warm, but what about walking? With each trip through your favorite upscale boutique, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ambiguous facts and shifting trends that seem to change as quickly as the seasons. Soft shoes, hard shoes, supportive shoes or no shoes … What’s a mom to choose?

Welcome to Chérubin, nestled in the heart of small town USA, where we blend fresh prints and bold designs with the highest quality genuine leather and a generous splash of local artisans are the embodiment of our hand-made, soft, genuine leather moccasins. You’ve come to the right place for selecting the perfect fashion statement ─ and shoes ─ for your little work of art.

Nothing brings a smile to your face like your little cherub playing with their toes and giggling. But did you know that the wiggling and curling ─ and yes, even ‘eating’ ─ their feet is an important developmental process? That precious discovery play is actually helping strengthen the muscles and ligaments, as well as entertaining the rest of the family. This is a driving force behind making sure all of our genuine leather moccasins use only 100% American leather that is tested and certified safe for infants and toddlers. With Chérubin’s high standards and crafter’s perfectionist attention to detail, you can be confident your little trendsetter will be the envy of every play date!

From the first time your little one pulls themselves up, they use their toes to grip and balance. We still do that into adulthood. Think of the last time you lost your footing; you immediately pushed with your toes to re-center your gravity and regain balance. This natural process is extremely important to properly develop good balance and sure footing. Average shoes that are stiff or have rigid soles not only interfere with bone development and stability, but will have more falls due to the unfamiliar and inconsistent weight. Our soft moccasins allow for natural foot and toe movement, which aids in walking and balance to keep your teetering tot from toppling over.

The main function for shoes while learning to walk is protecting those adorable little piggies while affording them the most sensory input. Our 100% genuine leather is the best choice for them to feel their surroundings while protecting those tiny toes from warm pavement, hardwood floor splinters, and avoiding slipping on smoother surfaces. It is essential that baby shoes are extremely flexible; if they don’t easily fold in half then you should put them down and back away. Each and every pair of our individually made, genuine leather baby & toddler moccasins is handmade of soft, American-made leather.

From our sassy Boho Bebé collection to our fabulously fun Hakuna Matata collection, no matter your personal style, you can be sure your little tyke will have a head start right out of the crib, able to feel the surface and runway ready to strut their stuff.

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