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Why Do Toddlers Take Off Their Shoes?

A look into why they do it, and how it plays into child development.

It doesn’t matter where you are with your little peanut – it’s inevitable.

It can happen at a friend’s house, the doctor’s office – or even at Church. It is especially likely to happen at home right before you have to walk out the door. You have your precious toddler dressed up and ready to go. But, before you pack your bag, or five minutes after you have arrived at your destination, your precious angel’s shoes are off … So now you’re off to wrangle your squirming little worm and get the shoes back where they belong.

And all the while you’re wondering why they take their shoes off in the first place – and how they manage to do it so fast!

  • To Play With The Shoes: Little ones will play with anything when they’re bored. Mix a soft top, a velvety smooth sole, and perfect fringes that are just the right size for little fingers to play with and they've got the perfect toy: their shoes. With a toy that’s so convenient to get their hands – who could resist? What’s even better is if they drop one, they have a spare!
  • Part Of Development: As babies grow and develop, their world expands. They begin to understand the difference between themselves and other inanimate objects – and how to interact with those objects. Because shoes are small and manageable in their little hands, those become a perfect object of their quest for gaining control. Shoes follow closely on the heels of bottles and pacifiers for such objects that they begin to recognize as “accessories.” We all know there’s no better accessory than soft, supple moccasins.
  • Sense of independence: We all want our little ones to grow into strong, independent individuals – just not when you’re trying to get them dressed and out the door! The act of removing their shoes allow them to express their wants and needs in a tangible way, teaching them to not only express the want, but start to instill in them a sense of accomplishment. The act of removing their shoes begins to teach the little tykes the simple laws of cause and effect – tug the shoe and it comes off.
  • Free The Piggies: From the earliest age, your child’s toes are the first friends they discovered. These strange wiggling and squirming little appendages that are always ready to play – and never tired out or got too fat out of reach. So naturally, they want to get to their little piggies for some playful interaction. Neither shoes nor socks will stand between your cherub and their little friends!

At Chérubin, our baby moccasins are hand crafted by skilled artisans in the heart of the Midwest. Made with American leather with soft and non-skid microsuede soles that is tested and certified safe for babies, our highest quality moccs keep your toddler upright and on the move.