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Wonderful Winter Photoshoot Ideas For Kids

Capturing your little snow angels

Freshly fallen, pure white snow. It makes for a sparkling, glitter-filled wonderland as far as the eye can see. Pink cheeks and giggles, snowball fights and catching snowflakes with their tongues. The family outside building their first snowman. Nothing compares to the magic of winter – and capturing these memories with your cherubs is a lot easier than you might think!

Colorful kids: Nothing stands out against the winter backdrop – or brings out the pink cheeks – like colorful coats and snowsuits. Or, try adding a pop of color with scarfs and mittens.

Snowy backgrounds: The best backgrounds are the natural ones, so making sure you have plenty of contrast in your photos will bring out the giggles and smiles even more. Rather than going with a straight snow backing, incorporate trees, snowmen, and even the local snow-covered playground for fun and interesting photos.

Dress warm enough: Keep the photoshoot going by making sure everyone – yourself included – is dressed warm enough. If you find that heavy gloves are getting in the way of taking pictures, opt for lightweight knit gloves and a couple of single-use hand warmers in each pocket. Don’t forget toe warmers for in the boots!

Keep the kids moving: The easiest way to keep the kids warm – and grab that epic shot – is to keep the kids moving. Letting them romp around in the snow completely unhindered will lead not only to the best candid and natural shots, but will let the young ones burn off some of that pent up winter energy.

Candid camera: Candid, unplanned shots are always the best ones; they capture the joy and sincerity of the moment that a, “Stop and smile for the camera” never can. Just let them play and follow them around taking pictures of everything – you never know when that perfect shot will pop up.

Composition: You’ve got the kids, the camera, the background, and the snow – now what? Pull everything together with some simple composition. Keep your primary subject to one side of the shot, or take the picture through tree branches. Let the foreground and background take over the picture and your kids will pop out.

Filters: One of the most under-utilized methods for amazing shots is setting up your camera’s filters. Not the cutesy dog ones for taking selfies – but the ones that subtly color shift to one end of the spectrum, or can change an entire compositing by switching to sophisticated black and white images.

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