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Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Long days filled with play in the warm sunshine are slowly giving way to the spectacular colors of autumn and cool evenings by the fireplace. Before you know it, brilliant multicolored lights are popping up, fresh baked pies are appearing on the counters, and the gentle smell of pine is wafting through the air. The sounds of families and friends laughing, and the fresh baked cookies laid out for Santa mark most wonderful time of year that brings out the child-like wonder and excitement in all of us – Christmas!

As we count down the weeks, the thrill of the hunt for the perfect gift is on – and we’re here to help you with the hottest gifts of 2017.

  • Hands down, technology is on the top of every wish list, every year. The newest, the sleekest, the fastest. From tablets and laptops to cell phones and smart watches, gadgets are a part of our daily life, and reign on the top of every letter to Santa. This year, give your loved one the gift of stylish sleeves and cases for their valuable tech that will rock the world of your Christmas elf.
  • Every year, we look for the trendiest fashion statement for our little cherubs. Bringing together the finest American-made leather with the freshest patterns and designs, leather moccasins are the perfect gift. Chérubin handmade leather moccasins will bring out the colorful sparkle in your little lady, and the rugged play in your little man.
  • We all have that avid golfer in our life who dreams of sloping fairways and tall flags. We love them and they love golf, so we need to find the perfect gift. One they can use out on the grass, or inside on rainy days. The kind of toy they will never tire of using. Golf chipping net fit that bill perfectly. Designed to improve their short game, chipping nets can be tucked anywhere for a little on-the-go golfing fun.
  • We all want moms to be able to unwind and relax – especially around the holidays. Spa days are meant to be just that – fun, relaxing, healthy, and rejuvenating. An afternoon trip or a weekend excursion, spas provide a socialized binding time between loved ones and besties alike.
  • Puzzles. They're fun, challenging, educational and bring your child’s imagination to life. From simple and easy-to-handle, to intricate 3-dimensional designs, you can find puzzles illustrating every child's niche and learning speed to encourage their imagination and wonder.
  • Endangered wildlife is always on our hearts as we see images of majestic beasts with their wide-eyed babies. This year, give an amazing gift to your love one that will last a lifetime – adoption gifts and certificates that support their favorite wild animal!

As much as we love to receive gifts, the true joy is in the giving, when we see the gleam in their eyes as they reach for the colorfully wrapped boxes with their cheerful bows under the tree. Make this year stand out in spectacular fashion with the hottest gifts and the coolest styles.