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8 DIY Halloween Costumes to Make With Your Cherub

One of the most magical times of the year for kids of all ages is Halloween. There is the hint of Fall in the air, the carving of pumpkins, and the best part – dressing up and trick-or-treating. For the DIY parent, we've rounded up 8 costume ideas that you can make together.

Moto Man:

When it comes to play and dress-up, every little boy wants to be the guy on the motorcycle – and a Halloween costume is so incredibly easy! Some denim jeans, a simple white tee shirt, and our smokin’ hot Pit Stop moccs bring it all together is perfect play fun.

Static electricity:

Add hair-raising fun to your Halloween with this adorable – but fun and easy to make – homemade costume. Starting with black pajama top and bottoms, use safety pins on the inside to tack various colored socks and other small articles of clothing to the outfit. Be sure that none of the socks next to each other match! Add some punk-rock gel for a static-y hair and a small laundry basket for treats, and complete this simple and fun costume with the flashy and fun Gallops For Scallops mis-matched moccs.


Starting with a larger, sky blue sweatshirt from mom or dad’s collection and adding various sized styrofoam balls strung together and allowed to dance around. White tights and long sleeved tee shirt complete the base – and can be jazzed up by adding snowflakes cut from squares of white felt. Your Snow More Winter Blues moccs are the perfect accompaniment for this fun outfit.


With inspiration harvested from our wildly popular Pineapple of My Eye moccasins, this adorable baby costume starts with a bright yellow onesie, and felt accents of white stripes to make up the fruit, and a crown of lush green.


Why save the peewee football or softball uniform just for game day? Score big and match your baseball uniform up with our The Natural moccs or the flag football uniform with our fun new #1 Draft Pick moccasins for the perfect lineup.


This magically simple costume can be easily made in an afternoon, and is the perfect costume for romping around! A white hoodie and leggings for the body, and multi-colored yarn for the mane and tail will have your little one prancing around. Our colorful, swirled Marbleous moccs are the perfect hoofs for this imagination-inspired outfit.

Bubble Bath:

Balloons and a squeaky rubber ducky – what could be more fun? Let the kids share the fun by blowing up clear, white, and pink balloons and pinning them to a white to and leggings, and a soft white headband. Sweet and simple Sprinkles on Top moccs add the perfect splash of bubbly color.


What could be more fun – or easier – than letting your little one’s sassy side out? All you need are a leopard print top and leggings, matched to your Cheetah Feetah moccs. A headband with cat ears, and some soft, fuzzy trim on the collar and neckline complete this chic and simple costume.

Drawing inspiration from your Chérubin genuine leather moccasins – or a great excuse for a new pair – make this Halloween stand out with a costume that is fun, comfortable, and best of all, made together.