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Back To School Trends For Toddlers

Ask any parent – it’s never too early to start planning for back to school. From avoiding the last-minute mad dash for much needed essential supplies to slowly changing the wake-sleep cycle, the sooner you start – the better it will be for everyone.

School supplies don’t have to be boring! Bold colors and exciting patterns of the accessories will encourage your youngster to use them – and more use equals more learning.

  • Bookbags generally aren’t a necessity until first or second grade, but investing in a pint-sized backpack for carrying lunch and snacks, as well as a change of clothes and any incidental supplies needed, will get your little scholar familiar with bookbags and keep everything organized. Don’t forget to pick up a small pencil pack for all those smaller accessories.
  • Chunky pencils are necessary for little fingers learning to write. If you cannot find them, then grab a few grips and slip them over standard No2 pencils. Don’t forget colored pencils, too.
  • Art supplies are essential for your little Picasso. Consider standard or jumbo crayons, washable markers, and non-toxic glue sticks. A homemade smock made from one of mom or dad’s tee shirts is an economical alternative to a purchased smock to protect clothing during messy crafts – and can be a ton of fun decorating it together!

Hitting the halls and being both comfortable and fashionable is a boost to any student’s confidence – and your little scholar is no different.

  • For the girls, bright colors are the start and the end-all of the youngster fashion color pallet. Alternating loud patterns and reserved solids for tanks or short-sleeved tops and shorts, skirts, or legging bottoms will have your little fashionista in style for the whole school year.
  • For your little man, the layered look of oxford shirts and vests or cardigans are trending once again. Plaid patterns are making a comeback again this year – with just the right amount of fashion and durability to be a must-have in every wardrobe.
  • For the youngest, keep it simple and comfortable with denim or khaki shorts or pants, and the lighweight cotton shirts.
  • We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that shoes bring an outfit together. Hand crafted from 100% genuine American leather, our moccasins are the perfect shoe for the classroom and the playground. For an extra splash of fun, check out our new Tell Me A Story collection. Back to school fashion has never been so easy!

Just like with fashion, there are a couple back-to-school fashion indiscretions you want to avoid.

  • Always keep a change of clothes in your child’s pack. Life – usually in the form of mud puddles – happens to our little adventurers, and it's best to be prepared.
  • If you send your little one with an electronic device, make sure the games are not interfering with learning. Some hand-held or online games can be a wonderful game during home time, but can be a distraction during school hours.
  • Remember to keep the fashion comfortable. Little ones want to fit in just like their big sisters and brothers, but keep in mind that play and nap time and steer more towards durable materials and relaxed fits.

Solid and early planning ensures a good base for the most successful school year possible.