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Best Summer Playdate Outfits for Toddlers

It’s an invitation to a playdate – but what’s a little party animal to wear?

From formal parties with ties and tights to sandbox romps in denim and tees, we’ve put together some quick guidelines to making sure your little cherub is outfitted to be the angel of every play date.

  • Outdoor Parks:

    There’s just something about parks that bring out the adventurer in your little one. The tall grass and the colorful flowers all enhance the sense of excitement and wonder. When the destination is a local park, remember to choose an outfit that’s both comfy and fashionable, such as capri-length pants or jeans and a long sleeved cardigan over a sleeveless top. Paired with our camo moccs – available in traditional multi-tone green or girly pink – your little explorer will be ready to take on everything their imagination can conjure up.

  • Parties:

    From pirates and princesses to afternoon tea, the fashionable birthday party feels like a red carpet event to your toddler. This is the perfect opportunity to go all out with the latest hip styles and trendsetting designs. Hip bowties and vests on your little man, or trendy kimono cardigans for your little lady, you can be sure to add a dash of class with our Black Diamond T-strap moccs – the classic design and premier American leather moccs are handcrafted to an unmatched standard of perfection, just like your little fashionista.

  • Local Playground:

    The usual spot for all the moms and tots to meet for a weekly romp is the local playground – and your little one feels right at home on their turf! But with familiarity comes seemingly endless hours of fun, and comfortable fit is a play essential. Forego the frills in favor of more durable wear. Loose t-shirts with whimsical patterns and durable shorts or denim jeans are the perfect compliment to swings and slides and sand boxes. Add our The Natural moccasin for an outfit that’s both rugged and fun – just like your little one.

  • Destinations:

    It's been said that location is everything – and with so many popular attractions to host playdates and parties, there’s no end to the wonder and excitement that await. For style that’s prepared for game-on play, or hitting the pause button, be sure to layer for the perfect amount of polish and comfort. Pants or a denim look and a coordinated shirt will keep them on top of their game and style. Our Rainbow Bright moccs are delightfully fashionable and go with anything for the perfect footwear – and you don’t have to worry about them being accidentally lost in a ball pit.

From fancy indoor birthday parties to outdoor play, choosing the best outfit for the event ensures your little one is dressed to impress and ready to play. And like any other outfit, it’s the shoes that bring it all together.