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​Unique Birthday Party Themes

It’s the ultimate toddler play date – a birthday party! And when it’s time to plan the celebration for your little cherub, you want to make sure it’s a day to remember. With a sprinkle of imagination and a dash of planning, and some awesome party theme suggestions, your birthday party will create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Costume:

    Costumes aren’t just for Halloween! Our little princesses and pirates imagination and play are inspired by dress-up, so why should one day in October get all the fun? A birthday party theme that celebrates the diversity of our children’s dreams and unleashes their imaginations is the greatest gift we can give them. Whether you go all in for a single theme – like Superheros with matching plates, napkins and decorations – or leave it open as a creative free-for-all to come as their favorite get-up, the best party of the year will be at your house.

  • Formal Tea:

    If there’s anything your little ladies and gentlemen enjoy, it’s getting fancied up. Polished shoes and bowties, ruffled skirts and lacy tights, watch as the charm gets turned on in spectacular fashion when they’re the center of attention. Keep the theme with formal-appearing paper place settings that are fancy, but fun. For snacks, intentionally choose various finger foods that avoid drips and stains, such as cake-pops. Have a camera ready to take snapshots of all the adorable fun. For an all-girls party, consider asking a couple big sisters to be on hand to do elegant makeovers!

  • Sprinkles:

    Every little girl loves colorful sparkles and bright golden glitter, so what better way to celebrate than with confetti? Taking inspiration from our Sprinkles On Top moccs, all you need are a few packs of edible confetti, a supply of glittery streamers, and a splash of imagination and you can create a party that’s guaranteed to enchant all the little princesses. For a bright and delicious treat, consider using Fruity Pebbles ™ in place of crisp rice cereal in marshmallow crispy treats. Add some extra cool fun by filling balloons with confetti and glitter and popping them!

  • Messy:

    Nothing unleashes a child’s imagination and creativity like getting their hands into something squishy. From mud puddles to modeling clay, and everything in between – is you’re looking for a party theme that’s all about the kids then have we got the perfect suggestion for you! With fun activities like edible finger painting made by combining whipped cream with food coloring, jello cube toss using jello that has been set in ice cube trays or other small molds for easy grasp and throwing, or even dunking for M&Ms in pie tins filled with whipped cream, there will be no end to the giggles and fun. Bonus: our cleaning tips will have your Chérubin moccasins back to pristine condition!

Every mom (and dad!) is looking for the freshest and most memorable party theme for their little one – and we're happy to offer party advice that is sure to make a lasting impression!