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Baby Shower Gift Guide: Gifting Made Easy

No sound brings a smile to your face or warms your heart like the sound of baby giggles.

The excitement of a new baby brings on the challenge of finding the perfect gift for the baby shower. But from the adorable clothing onyour Pinterest feed to all of those exquisite keepsakes at local boutiques, how do you choose?

We’re here to help in the welcoming of a new cherub with some devilishly stylish suggestions that are both creative and practical.

Our List of Best Baby Shower Gifts

Onesie Bouquet:

Onsies are the most common gifts given at a baby shower — and one of the most needed. But with two simple and small adaptations, your gift can go from casual to unforgettable:

1. Fold the onesies, then roll them up and secure with chic diaper pins — these will be your blooms. Insert a small dowel or popsicle stick for the 'stem' and wrap the bundle with a receiving blanket then tie it off with ribbon for a beautiful bouquet.

2. Choose sizes up to 12 months, each size in a different color, to make your bouquet. The variety of colors and sizes will not only be extra cheerful and vibrant, but also useful when their little wonder quickly starts to grow.

Chérubin Moccasins:

We would be remiss not to mention the benefits of soft-soled baby shoes. Steal the baby shower spotlight with a pair of genuine leather, handmade moccasins. From our buttery-soft leather to the hand-stitched finishing touches — every bit of our moccs are 100% American made. All of the genuine leather we use is tested and certified infant and toddler safe. From sweet polka dots of our girl’s moccasins to the hot rod racing flames in our boy's moccasins and tons of gender neutral booties, you can find the perfect pair of show stopping shoes for any little one.


Because newborns can use up to a dozen or more in a single day, the number one gifted item for a baby shower is diapers. The average child goes through 7,500 diapers before 2 years old — so helping out a new mom with some extra diapers is always going to be appreciated. Before you giftwrap a few packs of diapers, consider a gift certificate to a monthly diaper service. The eco-friendly service takes care of everything for mom, and protects our planet for the future of our precious little ones.

Hands and Hearts:

As they reflect back on the first few years of motherhood, any mom will tell you the most cherished gifts are the ones from the heart – and the hands. Whether it's helping out a couple of hours once a week to let mom take a nap, or a lovingly crocheted crib blanket, gifts you make or carry out yourself are always some of the best. Consider getting artsy with a couple of homemade 'vouchers' redeemable for babysitting or help cooking — either one can help the new mom and dad get much needed rest and relax with their cherub. If you’re a bit more crafty or talented with a needle, a quilt that you add blocks to each year as the baby grows up makes for an amazing keepsake. While it'll take some time, it's something special they can take to college and use when starting their own families

On The Go Changing Mats:

These amazingly compact and convenient changing mats are one of the most practical gifts that have hit the market. Although they hold several diapers, wipes, and accessories — and are extremely easy to clean — they are surprisingly compact and inexpensive. As a baby shower gift, make sure there’s one for each car in the household to have on hand for those outings rather than using a public changing area. You can tie them with color coordinated ribbons, and tags indicating all of the different areas you can keep them.

Baby showers are a fun and exciting event for you, your friends and the new parents — celebrate with a unique gift for the precious new life that’s coming soon.