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How to Clean Leather Baby Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide

1) Wipe Your Feet

Because of our unique leather printing process, your Chérubin moccasins will stand up to a lifetime of mud puddles and sand boxes. The most important part of caring for your handmade leather baby moccasins is the easiest – when they get dirty, wipe them off. It’s really that simple. Even when they are at their muddiest, the most you need to do is just wipe the surface mud away and allow the rest to dry completely. The moccasins should come clean with a couple passes of a soft washcloth.

2) Send In The Bubbles

Your choice of cleaning agent is important to keeping your moccasins as soft and supple as your cherub’s skin. Unlike with other leathers, you should use only warm water and a small dab of mild soap. Appropriate choices would include suede cleaner specifically marked safe for use on baby shoes or a laundry detergent. Our preference is baby shampoo; it the mildest of detergents and safest for your little darling. Bonus – it smells nice!

3) Spot On

If your little sports enthusiast insists on wearing his leather baseball booties everywhere, you might want to consider just spot cleaning rather than a more detailed process every time they are worn. On dry moccasins, use a damp cloth and a dot of soap to gently wipe the smudges off.

4) To Rinse, Or Not To Rinse ─ That Is The Question

It’s a question that’s been debated in the fashion and shoe circles for years – is it safe to get genuine leather shoes wet? Like all natural leather and suede products, damp cloth wiping is okay but do try to avoid rinsing your moccasins under running water – or soaking them. In regards to cleaning, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the leather used. In our Wild About Hue collection, we are proud to partner with Horween Leather Company, who uses only genuine vegetable-tanned leather. With proper, gentle care these rich pigments remain true for years to come.

5) Ready … Aim ... Dry

The final step is the simplest. Once clean, your leather moccasins need to be dried before they can be worn. Like with cleaning, simple is always better. Allow them to air dry, out of direct sunlight. You can gently stuff a small cloth or tissue into the moccasins to assist in uniform drying and gentle reshaping after the cleaning.

6) Just Say No

Despite the lure of convenience in your hurried life, there are a couple shortcuts you want to make sure to never do with your Chérubin moccasins;

1. Tossing your genuine leather moccasins into the washer with everything else is not recommended. Trust us on this.

2. The same goes with the clothes dryer. Or hair dryer. Or boot dryer. Or any dryer, really!

3. Harsh chemicals should never come in contact with your baby’s moccasins; due to the nature of the genuine leather some of the chemicals could remain within in the leather and cause irritation.

By following a few steps, you can keep your Chérubin leather moccasins beautiful for years to come.